Meet the Panelists: CWA Budtenders and Terpenes

Join us this Thursday for Budtenders & Terpenes as we celebrate our front-line female budtenders and the science of terpenes. You’ll hear from pioneering women like…

Cara Wietstock started in cannabis in San Francisco in 2011 as a budtender and continued on that journey for quite awhile. In 2015 she became a full-time writer and by 2016 rose to Editor-in-Chief of Terpenes and Testing magazine. The magazine has now been in production for one full year and caters to the scientific mind on the topics of extraction, laboratory testing, and horticulture. While writing, editing, and research does take up a lot of time, Cara has also found the hours to work as a budtender in five different dispensaries across three states over these years. In her spare time, she does all of the yoga and reads a mixture of metaphysical philosophy and mystery fiction.

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