Meet the Panelists: CWA Budtenders & Terpenes

Join us this Thursday for Budtenders & Terpenes as we celebrate our front-line female budtenders and the science of terpenes. You’ll hear from pioneering women like…

Shawn DeNae and her family have serviced the cannabis community with safe quality cannabis since early 2012. Since then has become a leading voice on the revival of cannabis; as a tool for better health, a boost to our economy, a renewable resource and a social salve to our society.

She believes women are in a position for the first time in history to lead an industry; to shape how policy moves forward in a constructive and collaborative manner. The shared vision that this newly forming commerce could be commanded by women is a key motivating factor to reach out to law makers and industry leaders to formulate a working system that will shape the world we leave to future generations.

Her activities include chairing the Health Before Happy Hour Campaign, writing for The Everett HaroldMarijuana Venture and Cannabis Now magazines, appearing on panels and moderating for several industry events.  She serves on the WSLCB Package/Label and Traceability Workgroups, belongs to several industry organizations and communicates with legislators and rule makers to improve our industry.  Shawn has been highlighted in several publications including National Geographic’s Weed IssueThe PioneersDope Magazine, NW Leaf and As the Grass Grows.

She plans to continue the advocacy until unfounded fears and mis-placed morality are overcome and the acceptance of cannabis is honored as a resource for health and good stewardship.


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