Our Founding Sisters

Morgan, Cannabis Women’s Alliance Founder & CEO


Morgan, CEO & Founder, Cannabis Women’s Alliance, SPC: Morgan is the former President of the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA), working closely with businesses in the early days of legalization. Prior to that, Morgan was an international business associate for Hidden City Entertainment, managing world-sales and global manufacturing. As Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Off-the-Grid, Morgan worked closely with Lucasfilm, creating and importing over 1 million items for the Star Wars 20th Anniversary convention in Los Angeles. Starting in late 1999, she spent six years as an account executive for Bill Gates’ Corbis Corporation.

Morgan also spent five years in Los Angeles, as Vice President of Mastersfx, one of Hollywood’s leading make-up and creative effect studios. A longtime cannabis activist and mmj grower, Morgan was an early ganjapreneur, launching her own line of cannabis in-home parties Mary Jane by Morgan at the turn of legalization in 2012. She’s hosted several panel discussions at major cannabis trade events, and is passionate about helping women succeed in the cannabis industry.


Roxann Taylor, Former CWA Chief Operating Officer


Roxann was integral in the early formation of the Cannabis Women’s Alliance by actively recruiting new members and applying her savvy business practices to build a strong organization for women. Formerly from the cosmetic industry, Roxann spent years as an executive, travelling on the road, as she did for MJBA and MJBA Women’s Alliance (now the Cannabis Women’s Alliance). Her best quote: “It’s not what you say but how you look when you’re saying it.”

Roxann left Washington in November 2016 to move to Boise, ID to be with adoring friends and family. She’s already missed, but she’ll be back. <3


Shawn DeNae, Washington Bud Company


Shawn DeNae Waggenseller

Shawn is the CEO of Washington Bud Company and began serving the medical community in 2012 followed by the recreational shops in summer of 2016.  She is currently developing Cancadia Corporation, an educational extraction company in SoDo.  She serves on the Board of Directors of the Cannabis Farmers Council and the Washington State Cannabis Commission committee.

As a Founding Sister of MJBA Women’s Alliance, Shawn was knighted the Mistress of Ceremonies, and continues serves our community through advocacy and dedication.

Shawn DeNae blogs at A Cannabis Conversation.org and has been highlighted in or written for several publications including Evergreen ~ the Movie, Marijuana Venture Magazine, The Pioneers, Dope Magazine March 2014 Issue and As the Grass Grows


AC Braddock, Eden Labs

AC Braddock is a career entrepreneur. Her ability to recognize market trends and establish a profitable enterprise within a short time frame has been a hallmark of her success.

Ms. Braddock met Fritz Chess, Founder of Eden Labs, in the late ‘90s. Sharing a keen interest in plants as medicine, she was impressed with his botanical extraction knowledge and his ability to engineer highly sophisticated extraction systems that were easy to operate and affordable. At this point, he had already developed the Coldfinger design and Eden’s first generation CO2 system, becoming the first person in the US to extract Kava Kava and Cannabis with CO2.

In 2007 Ms. Braddock left her position as Sales and Marketing Director for a multi-million dollar Built Green construction project to become Head of Sales and Marketing at Eden Labs. In 2010 Ms. Braddock became CEO of Eden Labs and has successfully transformed the company into a highly respected multi-million dollar extraction technology powerhouse.


Anne Van Leynseele, NWMJ Law

Anne van Leynseele

Anne van Leynseele, with a JD and an International MBA, is the consummate corporate cannabis lawyer. Anne views legal issues through a commercial lens and becomes a trusted legal and business advisor to business clients. Before founding NWMJ Law, Ms. van Leynseele was an attorney advisor in Washington DC in another highly regulated industry, Health Care law focusing on adjudication review. Prior to that, Anne managed commercial transactions, the business development of production and technology start-up entities, advised businesses on process efficiency, defined corporate communications strategies for many Fortune 100 companies, and owned her own Los Angeles based film production company.

Anne is passionate about helping cannabis businesses and organizations maximize productivity by assisting them in understanding and complying with the fast-paced changes happening in Federal and State laws, regulations, and policy. She spent four years as a federal attorney advisor of health care policy in Washington DC; upon her return to Washington State she jumped into passing a State law regarding patient record confidentiality. On a daily basis, Anne applies her business acumen and regulatory knowledge to encouraging best business practices in this burgeoning cannabis industry.

In her spare time she mentors at-risk-youth, surfs, competes in triathlons, and manages her farm on the Big Island of Hawaii.